We have many options to choose from to fit your budget. 

Wood Frame

  An extremely hardy building that is our best value and has the quickest turn around time. These buildings have a wide variety of customization options. All walls are designed to breathe and not trap in moisture. All exterior walls are dual sheared.

Steel Frame

  Steel has a higher strength to weight ratio than wood. It is stronger without adding much weight making it a better alternative in areas that have tornadoes and earthquakes. The building being framed in this picture was engineered to withstand 175 mph three second gusts, and was designed to meet strict Miami Dade High Velocity Hurricane Code for it's installation location in Florida. 

Concrete Block

  An extreme building suited for some of the most damaging conditions. These buildings are engineered to withstand the harshest fire and flood conditions. 8” x 16” block with widths of 4"or 6", depending on design criteria. The vertical rebar for the first four courses of block is tied to the rebar mat and integral with the 8”-thick slab. We do not drill and dowel vertical rebar into our slab, as it is an inferior method of construction. The block walls are solid grout filled for the equivalent of a 4” or 6" thick solid concrete wall. Roof framing can be either wood or welded steel.

Vitreous China Fixtures 

Stainless Steel Fixtures


Many colors to choose from.


Exposed Beam Ceiling

Our standard on all buildings.

Standing Seam

Metal Roof

Our Standard on all buildings.

Many colors to choose from.

Many Exterior Options To Choose From

Stucco with Stone Wainscot

Hardi Siding with Stone Wainscot

Stone Veneer with Covered Entry

Corrugated Metal with Stone Wainscot and Covered Entry

Hardi Siding with Covered Entry

and Privacy Panels

Stone Veneer with Recessed Drinking Fountain

Brick Veneer and Hardi Siding

Painted Split Face CMU with Privacy Panels

Hardi Siding 

Louver Vents

Our Exclusive Louver Design

Designed and made by craftsmen here in our shop. The frame is made of one inch thick, tough, and durable High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). The louver blades are made of  obscure Lexan that is bent into an inverted v-pattern. The ends of the blades fit into slots that are deep routed into the HDPE frames creating a vent that is high impact resistant, lets in plenty of light, and keeps the elements out.

(Lexan boasts an impact strength 250 times greater than that of glass and 30 times greater than that of acrylic.)

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