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The CorWorth Management System holds provisional patents on the first monitoring systems ever created specifically for the parks & recreation industry. With these products, we can notify maintenance personnel when it’s time to change light bulbs, repair leaks, or address other issues. With your CMS system you have the ability to remotely lock and unlock doors, set lock and unlock schedules,  monitor and be alerted to water flow issues, and receive alerts if the system detects unscheduled events with lights, locks, or water flow.


Why Smart Park Technologies?

  • Reduce Maintenance Cost

  • All information is routed to your desktop and your mobile phone

  • Reduce Vandalism

“I was really amazed by the program that allowed me to control and see by way of a computer what was functioning or not functioning inside our restroom building. Who would have thought that today’s computer technology is available for a plumbing purpose?”

                                                                           — Jesse Gallegos, Plumbing Supervisor, City of San Antonio

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CorWorth, through its R&D efforts is constantly developing and utilizing new and improved processes, products and materials to ensure our clients own the best building on the market. 

“The construction of the restroom off site and simple installation helped significantly with site and time constraints. Since the installation of the restroom staff has used the CorWorth CMS (management system) to monitor the restroom. Having access to the management system by internet or cell phone has been invaluable.”

                                                                         — Leon Firsht, City Engineer, City of Lemon Grove

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