Prefabrication Meets Technology

It is well known that installing prefabricated restroom and concession buildings in public parks and sports complexes eases the burden and liability of typical on-site construction through a streamlined process of designing, building, delivering, and installing high-quality facilities.

What is not so well known are the technological advances that now come with that ease. Today’s top restroom prefab building manufacturers have options available to help save much-needed resources, time, and money for their clients through web-based electronically automated systems.

Systems which can be automated such as door locks, lights, and water flow, save time and much-needed resources which have typically resulted in large expenditures in the past, many times forcing municipalities or private organizations to forego adding new facilities to their parks systems. With scheduling done via web-enabled devices such as cell phones, tablets, desktops, or laptops, the ease is what sets this technology apart from previously cumbersome hands-on tasks.

Not only do these new advances help with system and park scheduling they also send out alerts if problems do arise. Alerts can be sent to appropriate park staff via their cell phone making it quick and easy to analyze a situation and take the correct course of action to remedy any issues. Immediate alerts can save costly damage often associated with the types of notifications sent out.

Locks: Utilizing automated systems, park staff can easily set schedules for doors to automatically lock and unlock at specific times and days, saving hundreds of man-hours as the need for personnel to physically do this task is relieved. These same systems will also alert staff to discrepancies in locking. If a building is set to be locked but is not, the installed system will send out an alert to the proper staff informing them of the situation. This task is accomplished through the implementation of bond sensors. If an alert is received staff can now easily see what the issue may be and send out appropriate personnel to investigate the situation.

On the other side of the equation, if a building is inadvertently locked during a special event, all it takes is a push of a button to unlock that facility remotely. No more having to call someone out to unlock it manually. Again, saving precious man hours. After the event is over staff can once again push a button on their cell phone to lock down the building remotely. Saving man hours equates to saving money!

Lights: Lights which should be off at certain hours, but are not, will trigger an alert to go out to staff ensuring that there are no unwanted occupants in the building during the hours when it is scheduled to be closed. If lights are shown to be “on” during “off” hours staff can contact the appropriate authority to investigate the situation.

Water Flow: Water flow sensors will automatically keep an eye on how water is moving through the building’s system. If the sensor indicates that an excessive flow of water is detected an automatic valve will cut the water off and send out an alert via cell phone. At that time the person receiving the alert can either turn the water back on with a push of a button or wait to restore the water flow after the situation is investigated.

Case in point, a Parks Director in Central Texas, who had a newly built prefabricated restroom building with a Management System installed, received an alert that his building was experiencing excessive water flow late one night. Upon receiving the alert, he decided to keep the valve closed, and send out his maintenance crew the next morning to ascertain what the issue was. Upon arriving at the restroom building they discovered that vandals had torn the drinking fountain off the front of the building (yes, that has happened)! Although there was damage to the water fountain, this was a huge win for the park in that the water was not flowing the entire night. There was no additional damage to the landscaping, the building’s foundation, no wasted water or money due to water damage. The system worked as it was intended to do, saving money, time, and resources!

Locks, lights, and water flow are the main systems that are controlled and managed by these new technologically advanced systems. Along with standard operations, optional additions can be added to turn on heaters if the temperature reaches a certain degree ensuring pipes and fixtures do not freeze. Also, sensors can be installed to monitor vault tanks to alert of the need to pump out waste and, if needed, lock down a building if the tank is at capacity and has not been emptied. Even WiFi accessibility can be integrated into the system bringing internet service to park attendees.

Whether needing to keep costly roll-outs to lock and unlock buildings to a minimum, maintaining your facilities, or decreasing the disastrous effects of vandals, the utilization of a building management system is key to achieving your goal.

Prefabricated builders specializing in park restroom and concession buildings have taken the forefront in integrating internet-based automation and management systems. This technology is helping alleviate the day to day issues and operations of public facilities which, in turn, saves time, money, and valuable resources.

Prefabricated builders are leading the way in park facility technology and that is a great thing.

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